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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Deep Fried Goo-Goos

100 Things to see at the fair #62: Deep Fried Goo-Goos

Goo-Goo Clusters are a uniquely Middle Tennesseean confection. Made by the Standard Candy Company since 1903, it is easily their most popular candy. Since then, they have also started to manufacture the King Leo peppermint candy and Stuckey's Pecan Roll. As a young student about 25 years ago, I remember a class field trip to their manufacturing facility.

Deep Fried Goo-Goo Clusters were the official candy of the 2008 TN State Fair. You know you're at a southern fair or festival if you see something deep fried. Other vendors offered deep fried Snickers and Milky Ways. I think this poster is Groovy and surreal in a 70's kind of way.

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