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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Big Apple or Big Easy?

New York or New Orleans?

This is a barn that you see when you leave the Sequoyah Caverns in Dekalb County, Alabama. This is at the junction of Highways U.S. 11 and County Rd 731. The front of this barn marks the turn into Sequoyah Caverns which I showed on this blog yesterday.

If you have trouble making out the paint, this is what you have: In the center on a pole is a faded sign for U.S. Highway 11. Since the paint is peeling, you can see that it used to be a sign for Phillips 66. If you go north, you are 877 from New York, NY (or about 40 to Chattanooga, TN). If you turn right and go south, you are 462 miles to New Orleans, LA.

This barn also hasn't been used as a barn in a long time, as you can tell by the overgrowth around it.

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