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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Carper Homestead - in Melrose

The Carper Homestead - in Melrose

The marker at this log cabin reads:

Known to be one of the oldest houses remaining from the early American Era, originally located on Cane Ridge Road at Antioch, Tennessee. The Materials were removed piece-by-piece and rebuilt exactly as it stood when occupied by the Carper Generations. Donated to Woodlawn Memorial Park for Historic Preservation by the children of William Washington and Susie Black Carper.
Dedicated 1969.

This is on land once occupied by Governor Aaron V. Brown (Gov of TN in the 1840s). A historical marker says: "Melrose. Former Home of Gov. Aaron V. Brown. The Confederate Works ran 200 yards south of the residence. Thence turned west so as to pass in front of Berry Home."

In the 1960's Lillian and George Forehand bought the property, cleaned up this Springhouse, converted the Gov. Brown's residence into a newer property, had this and another historic cabin moved here, contructed a pond that ducks and bass enjoy and posted historical markers for the buildings.

This property was soon completely surrounded by the Woodlawn Funeral Home and is now in the middle of that cemetery. Mr. Forehand passed away a few years ago. The last I heard, Mrs. Forehand recently moved to an assisted living facility, but comes back almost daily to feed her cats which still live here.


  1. july 6, 2011 I saw no cats. Lots of ducks, carp and goldfish, and a turtle.

  2. Really hidden away in large cemetary off Thompson Ln. Very unexepected!