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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bell Buckle, TN Mural

Bell Buckle, TN full mural

Great Mural - Tough to photograph location as this is sort of facing an alley.

Bell Buckle is now home to the famous RC Cola and Moon Pie festival which takes place on a Saturday in June. I plan on being there, but it's also good to visit the small town and enjoy the charm on a day when a large number of people don't show up.

I split the mural in half and show those two photos below.

Bell Buckle Mural left half

On the far left is a black TN Walking horse. In the tree, it mentions WEBB School, the city's most famous school. Next is the city's red L&N Train caboose.

Having to work two windows into the mural, the red barn is painted with two windows. In the mian window is a cow with a bell hanging out the window. The cow is licking the boys ice cream cone. In the other window is a blue ribbon winning TN walking horse.

Bell Buckle Mural - right half

On the left of this picture is a christmas tree. Next is a motorcyclist driving up to the row of stores (mostly antique stores) that make up the center of town. The back of these stores are behind me. In the center of the parking area is the red white and blue quilt pattern. The tallest building with the flag in front of it is the town hall.

The lookout Moon Pie has been made in Chattanooga Since 1917. If there's any other brand, I haven't seen it. I hadn't bought a moon pie in many years, and didn't even know there were new flavors of Orange, Lemon and Strawberry. The guy in the store said those flavors had been around for over a decade as I paid 75 cents for a double decker orange moon pie, not realizing I could get one for half that price at most other places in the south. Later, I bought a box of 12 at walmart for $3.

Finally is a vintage bottle of Royal Crown Cola. I'd never seen that old design before, until I was in the store with the 75 cent moon pies, as they had these vintage bottles of RC for over $100. I fully expect to pay $2 for a current bottle of RC at the festival, at which point, I won't desire another RC for another year.

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