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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Al Gore Store

Looking inside the Al Gore store window

Carthage, Tennessee's favorite son was Senator Al Gore Sr. Then, Al Gore Jr. came along and became a Congressman, Senator, Vice President and finally Democratic Presidential nominee. This store, which is also a shoe store, has been displaying and selling Al Gore stuff. I first saw this place about 1992 when it said "Clinton Gore Store" on the window, but now it says "Gore Lieberman Store" on the window, although I see no Lieberman stuff in here. This is located across the street from the Smith County Courthouse on Main St. in the town square. Buttons, hats, T-shirts, plates, mugs, post cards, watches and socks.

In the top right is a sign that says "We have the largest selection of Campaign Buttons anywhere."

My favorite thing here is the "Big Bill" flyer in the bottom left. It's for a fishing lure with the tagline "Fish Take it...but don't inhale it."

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