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Saturday, January 23, 2010

See Ruby Falls

See Ruby Falls

If you live in the not-so-deep south, if you were to think of an advertising barn, you's think of the many "See Rock City" barns that used to be all over the countryside. This barn used to be one of those. At some point, however, their less-prolific barn painting Lookout Mountain tourist trap rivals were permitted to repaint this barn with a "See Ruby Falls" message in their colors of red and turquoise.

This barn is on U.S. Highway 41 right on your map where it says Noah, TN in Coffee County, just north of Manchester. With the construction of Interstate 24 about 40 years ago, this highway is less often used now. So this was probably painted before then, and would have been a rock city barn before that. Rock City Paint was some high quality mixture, and has been known to outlast many things. Is it possible that the ruby falls paint has chipped just enough that the Rock City white is beginning to show?

In the next post tomorrow, we'll take a look at what the other side has to advertise.

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