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Monday, January 11, 2010

Hammer's in Winchester


This store bought one, then another, then another of the buildings on the south side of the Winchester, TN Town Square until they had the entire side. I'm not sure how to describe the discount store. Half of the store is clothing. My wife and I bought a rug, but we almost bought a birdhouse and a plush alligator.

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  1. Hammer's in Winchester is pretty much no longer the vibrant colors. I worked on a year long project which just completed back in October 09 to replace all of the sidewalks around the square. In process to replace the sidewalk in front of Hammer's, the awning was removed permanently. A seperate porject is under way which has pressure washed most of the paint off of the building. The plan is to do repairs to the building and repaint it a more neutral color.

    Before Picture

    After Construction of new Sidewalks