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Monday, January 4, 2010

Fox's Donut Den animated neon sign

Animated Gif: Fox's Donut Den

Here's something that has been in the news a lot lately...

When Norman Fox opened his Donut Den in Green Hills in the late 1970s, this animated donut sign soon followed. After 30 years as a popular business, this sign is practically considered a local landmark.

However, in the summer of 2009, the future of the sign was in jeopardy. The owners of the shopping center wanted to modernize the appearance and have all the businesses there have a uniform appearance. When the Donut Den fans heard about this, there was a public outcry. This prompted the owners of the shopping center to put it to a vote. IF enough people wanted the sign to stay, then they would allow it.

In September, a press conference was held to show the results of the vote. A board was brought out proclaiming "The Sign Stays!" An overwhelming 97% of the voters wanted the sign to stay in it's rightful place along the Hillsboro Rd. storefront.

"I think it's almost like the mom and pops are disappearing to the point that we're down to the last few. So, I think the fact we're almost down to the last one caused people to wake up and say, 'Let’s at least do this one,'" said Fox.

If you've never checked them out before, check them out.

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