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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Nashville City Park that Time forgot

The Nashville City Park that Time forgot

Lock One Park may be on your Nashville map, but you don't want to go there. This place was built in 1890, and was used as a ferry and a boat dock, then the US Army Corps of Engineers made it as one of the 14 Locks on the Cumberland River, but when the dam was built forming Old Hickory Lake, there was no need for a lock here, and the land was given to the city for a city park in the 1950s.

from there, I am not sure what happened. If you go today, you can park on the street right next to the area. A chain link rope suggests you should stay away. The location is full of concrete steps, rusty guardrails, a couple of tracks that lead down to water level, and a bunch of things that look genuinely unsafe.

Abandoned incline tracks at abandoned park

I thought I would never see anybody here, but I have. This spot is across the river from Metrocenter, and you can see this place from the levee greenway. The day I walked that greenway, a family of four was here with all of the boys fishing.

Ironically, Lock Two Park is also old and crusty, but a place you can take your kids.

If I were to pan the camera to the right in the top photo just a little bit, you'd see downtown. If you look closely on the top right, you'll see the green road signs of where I-65 crosses the river.

Recommended reading: The parks of Nashville: A history of the Board of Parks and Recreation

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