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Monday, August 26, 2013

This Rock City Barn may be disappearing soon!

Rock City Barn - Going away soon!

Here is an important note for those of you (who like me) wish to photograph as many Rock City Barns as possible before they become a thing of the past. This barn is located at the entrance to Sequoyah Caverns. Sequoyah Caverns is linked to Rock City as Clark Byers, the famous Rock City barn painter, first opened Sequoyah Caverns commercially and painted a few barns for them as well. Sequoyah Caverns is closing very soon! Labor Day 2013 will be the last day they're open. More Details can be found here.

Barbed Wire and Rock City Barn Honeysuckle and  a Rock City Barn

Before I took my cave tour, I had a chance to speak with the owner, and I mentioned I was first attracted to Sequoyah Caverns because of the Rock City Barn connection. He mentioned that after Sequoyah Caverns closes, this barn would be dismantled! Who knows how much time you've got if you want to see this one and can make the drive to Northeast Alabama. (In my case, it was my third visit.) After my cave tour, I made sure to see how many different interesting angles I could find for this barn.

Rock City Barn - Going away soon!

In one regard, I don't blame him - for his whole life, tourists have been crawling over the family's land. That's the tradeoff for making money in the tourism industry. Well, in a couple of weeks, the family wants to go back to the quiet way of life, and they probably don't want people like me coming back over and over. Besides, the barn has suffered tornado damage. I suggested he could probably find a buyer for it, especially if they were just going to discard the pieces. In retrospect, I should have offered to buy a piece of the roof.

37 Miles to Beautiful Rock City (2012)

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