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Sunday, August 11, 2013

H&C Coffee neon sign - Roanoke, VA

H&C Coffee neon sign - Roanoke, VA

This fantastic neon sign is in Downtown Roanoke, VA. A special plaque has been placed, not at the base of the building, but from a spot where the sign is easily viewable: The restoration and relighting of the H&C Coffee sign was a community effort funded through the generosity of the citizens of the Roanoke Valley and beyond. A Special tribute goes to Mark Jamison - "The Neon Man."

H&C Coffee company started in Roanoke in 1927, with the sign and local landmark erected in 1946. After non-functioning for a decade, the restoration was done in 2005 when the sign was also moved to a better location with the higher roof of the new art museum.

The Dr. Pepper sign and the H&C Coffee Sign

The sign is animated with neon and the scene cycles every 7 seconds. Briefly, everything is off. Then H&C COFFEE lights up (With the H& not working too well right now). Then, The Coffee pot lights up. Next, the the empty coffee cup, saucer and spoon come on. Finally, a stream of coffee alternates between upper and lower as if it looks like it is being poured and cup is full of neon coffee! It's a wonderful sign which definitely fits in the category of they don't make 'em like they used to.

Here's a video of the sign:

H&C Coffee neon sign daytime - Roanoke, VA

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