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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Five-Lined Skink juvenile

Five-Lined Skink juvenile

A couple of days ago, my wife and I were crawling around a water fall and we saw these little guys everywhere. I'm usually not lucky or fast enough to catch skinks or lizards with my camera, but this one was sunning on a log. Then, we went home and the next day, my wife saw one in the yard. Go figure.

The name of this one is pretty self explanatory as it is black in color with five red/yellow/orange stripes running down most of it's body. Then, closer to the tail, it turns into a vibrant blue color. As it grows up, the blue goes away, the head turns red and the black turns into a brown. In Tennessee, there are two almost identical species this might be. the regular Five-Lined Skink and the Southeastern Five-Lined Skink. The only discernible difference between the two is the size of scales underneath the tail.

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