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Monday, August 5, 2013

In the News: Sequoyah Caverns is about to close!

Visit Sequoyah Caverns barn

Sequoyah Caverns is a cave and tourist attraction in DeKalb County, AL. When the cave first opened commercially, they hired the famous Rock City barn painter Clark Byers to run the operation. I suppose barn painting was still a hobby of his as he painted several of these in the area. (By my count, there are 7 in and around the county.)

Entrance to Sequoyah Caverns

The owners of Sequoyah Caverns have announced their closing and it's less than a month away! The owner is ready to retire, and he says the caverns are ready to retire as well. THIS ARTICLE says September 2, 2013 is their final day of operation. Or you can read THIS ARTICLE from Caving News which also uses one of my photos of one of the other Sequoyah Barns. The property also includes the family farm, which has been owned by the same family since the 1840s. Part of the attraction includes their sheep and goats.

Visit Sequoyah Caverns barn

The Barn seen here and at the top of this post is located near the town of Valley Head, AL. Highway AL117 as it heads west out of town curves around a bend where this barn is visible. The last line mentions the barn is 6 miles away on US11.

Sequoyah Cavern Sheep

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