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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Proof that New Rock City barns get painted.

Proof that New Rock City barns get painted.

There's a couple of things that are rare about this rock city barn. First of all, it gives off the Rock City website address, and that would only happen on a rather new barn. Secondly, this barn is in the middle of nowhere. Most of the Rock City barns are located along what used to be major highways or at least near a tourist destination. This one is along a rural road in Dade County, GA along Pope Creek Rd. I guess the owner of this barn must work there, or at least know somebody.

I'll admit that I am not fully happy with this photo, as it was completely cloudy that morning. I did something that I usually don't do much, and that is to tinker with the photo. Most of my basic image editing can be done in Picasa or MS Paint (don't laugh!), but on this one, I tried my best with Gimp and Photomatix (This is an HDR.) I really wanted the red of the horse trailer and the green of the grass to stand out. As an alternate, I also tried the same photo with giving it an "old timey" feel ironically, and I'm torn between which version I like better.


In this version, I really upped the brightness, because I think that makes the paint job look fresh. In the first photo, you can tell where some of the paint has started to wear off, especially on the Y. Most vintage Rock City barn photos in the 40's show the barn just after it was painted. Clark Byers would take a photo of his freshly painted barn and send it to the Carter's, original owners of Rock City, as proof of the job. I also enjoy the irony, since this fake vintage feel would be an anachronism with a website address.

Another thing that sets this barn apart is the modern Rock City logo painted on the side, which is something I've never seen on the other barns.

New Rock City logo on SeeROCKCITY.COM barn
Side of the www.seerockcity.com barn

This is now one of 82 different Rock City Barns I have photographed and uploaded to Flickr in my Rock City Barns set. People often ask me how I've found so many of them. I have drawn from many resources such as books and web sites and sometimes luck, but there's not really one "go to" place to find them all. Well, now on my website, I have tried to create a one stop source for the locations of all of the barns I've been to. On my Map of Rock City Barns page, I have plotted each barn on a Google Map.

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