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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chicken Chef sign - McMinnville, TN

Chicken Chef sign - McMinnville, TN

I first learned about Chicken Chef right before my first visit to McMinnville several years ago, but I didn't have a chance to stop there and check it out. From what I could tell, the place was so popular that more locations opened up, but the original spot was the only one popular enough to remain open.

Reviewing restaurants isn't my thing, and I'm not much of a fried chicken eater either. Yet, when I'm on the road, I look for where the locals eat, and not the chains that I can find anywhere. It's a short order place, was filling, inexpensive, and they took a personal check, so all was fine with me.

I really like the Chicken Chef logo, with the chicken as a chef, with it's chef hat, apron, skillet and tongs. ...so good it's habit forming. (who remembers the SNL commercial for the Cluckin' chicken?)

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