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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Waterloo Falls

Waterloo Falls

Waterloo Falls is a 35 foot drop along the 100 foot wide Spring Creek. This creek runs along the border between Putnam and Overton Counties.

This waterfall is not part of a state park, however, there is an unsigned turnoff along the road, and at the end of the gravel turnoff is some parking spaces. From there is a short path just a few hundred feet along the side of the water right along the side of the falls and perhaps evidence of an old mill. The path doesn't go much further than this, so you're looking at it from an angle. (I suppose you could be a little adventurous and do some climbing, but I didn't.

Technical Stuff: I was using two ND 0.6 Filters along with ISO100 and the smallest aperture the lens would allow, f/22. I did not have a tripod, and there wouldn't have been anywhere to put one, but there was a nice tree that I held the camera against.

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