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Friday, October 12, 2012

Jefferson County Courthouse - Dandridge, TN

Jefferson County Courthouse - Dandridge, TN

This courthouse is one of the oldest in Tennessee, dating back to 1845.

Built by the Hickman Brothers with bricks from McQuistion kiln in East Dandridge, it's a Greek Revival structure that replaced a smaller brick courthouse on same grounds. The construction took much longer than planned due to floods. It is a two story building with a recessed two story portico and a tall tower

The courthouse was almost lost to the ages as the city was going to be underwater as the result of a New Deal era TVA lake, but after discussion, FDR had the town saved by an earthworks levy. At some point in the 1900's the courthouse was painted white and the roof and the shutters and tower top were red. In the late 70's the courthouse front was restored to its earlier appearance and the tree planters were added in the front.

Today, this building is also home to the Jefferson County Historical Museum that proudly displays the 1806 marriage license of Davy Crockett and his sweetheart Polly Finley and an eclectic mix of small relics and artifacts of daily life in early East Tennessee.

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