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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Post Card Tuesday: Carthage Cumberland River Bridge

This Real Photo Post Card shows an interesting view of what Carthage looked like from about 100 years ago.

First of all, this bridge was taken from a bridge that looks to me like it was in the same spot of today's Cordell Hull bridge, which was built in 1934. (So this post card is at least older than that.) The bridge has a wooden deck and guard rails that don't look like they could stop much. I'm sure glad bridges aren't like this anymore!

While the Hull Bridge is now closed, perhaps permanently, you can't drive in and get this view anymore. This was made on a winter's day, but even when the trees were in bloom, you could still see the top of the courthouse tower. Below, I have a photo of the Cordell Hull Bridge and the Courthouse Tower.

Cordell Hull Bridge - Carthage, TN

Smith County Courthouse Tower

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