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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Southern Olympics: RC Cola can balance

As the real Olympics are going on in Rio right now, I want to take a look at some of the Olympics you can find in Middle Tennessee:

RC Cola Dash Contestants 1 RC Cola Dash Contestants 7

RC Cola Dash Contestants 6

At the 2008 RC Cola and Moon Pie festival in Bell Buckle, TN, just as they have done in years past, some "Olympic" games were played. This contest was the RC Cola Dash. The "Dash" part is a little misleading as this was not a speed contest, but more focused on skill and accuracy.

RC Cola Dash Contestant 8 RC Cola Dash Contestant 11 - passing round 1

RC Cola Dash Contestants 9 RC Cola Dash Contestant 4

The Rules: Take an open but full RC Cola can and balance it on your head. If you can make it all the way to the finish line (about 20 feet away) without dropping it (or steadying it with your hand - which would be cheating) you go on to round two. In round two, you stack two RC cans on your head. 4 contestants made it past round two onto round 3 stacking 3 RC cans on their head!

Now for the second round with two cans stacked!

RC Cola Dash Contestants 12

RC Cola Dash Contestant 18 RC Cola Dash Contestant 17

Here are the finalists who could stack three open RC cans!

This boy came in third place:

RC Cola Dash Contestant 21

This girl has the look of intensity and has won the contest in previous years, but this year she came in second.

RC Cola Dash Contestant 20

Not only was this girl a finalist, but was also the winner as she made it one full step with three cans stacked, which no other finalist could do

RC Cola Dash Contestant 22 <the Winner>

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