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Friday, August 19, 2016

Chessie Caboose #3255 - Jackson, TN

Chessie Caboose #3255 - Jackson, TN

This Chessie caboose is on display outside the historic NCStL Depot Museum. According to the museum's sign:

Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Extended Vision Caboose # 3255

The sides of the cupola project beyond the side of the car body. Introduced by the International Car Co. and saw service on most U.S. Railroads. The extended cupola allowed the crew to see past the top of the taller cars that began to appear after WWII.

The C&O, B&O, and Western Maryland Railroad became the Chessie System in 1972., taking on officially the mascot kitten used in and since 1934 "Chessie". In 1985, Chessie system became part of the CSX Railroad.

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