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Monday, August 8, 2016

Southern Olympics: Moon Pie Toss

Right now, the 2016 Rio Olympics are going on. Let's take a look at an Olympic sport you can find in Middle Tennessee:

Moon Pie Toss Conestant A

Moon Pie Toss Contestant B

At the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival in Bell Buckle, TN, each year they have a series of contests, or Olympic Games. The first contest is the Moon Pie Toss. The gentlemen pictured above was one such participant in the fine sport of a Confection Distance Thrust.


These are the 1st, second and third place winners from the contest

The Blue Ribbon 1st place winner in the cutoff shorts said he came all the way from St. Louis. That's real dedication to participate in a fine sport of confection distance thrust. I'm thinking he undergoes a highly regimented cross-training program for this sort of all year long. I think his throw went about 200 feet and would have gone further if it hadn't have hit a tree branch.

The Red Ribbon 2nd place winner appears like he's trying to look like he's too cool for this.

I asked my wife to describe the expression of the daughter of the third place yellow ribbon winner. She said "Been in the sun too long"

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