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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Scott Fitzhugh Bridge - Paris Landing, TN

Scott Fitzhugh Bridge - Paris Landing, TN

The Scott Fitzhugh Bridge was built in 1927 to cross the Tennessee River (aka Kentucky Lake) at Paris Landing. when the bridge became Structurally Deficient, it was replaced in 1992 by the Ned McWherter Bridge. Thankfully, TDOT didn't feel the need to totally demolish the main span and it was converted to this pavilion at Paris Landing with the river in the background.

When this bridge was in use, it carried highway US79 (TN76) over the river and connected Henry and Stewart County. It was a Warren (Camelback) Through truss with a total length of 4,734 ft. You can see some vintage photos HERE at the Library of Congress website for the Historic American Engineering Record. Scott Fitzhugh was a former state Speaker of the House from Paris and the old road sign with his name was preserved along with this span.

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