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Friday, April 8, 2016

Dickson Co. Courthouse - Charlotte, TN

Dickson Co. Courthouse (alt view) - Charlotte, TN

The Dickson County Courthouse in Charlotte, TN is the oldest courthouse in the state still in use, built in 1830. (The Hawkins Co. Courthouse in Rogersville also makes this claim citing how this courthouse has been changed and expanded while theirs hasn't, albeit not quite as old.)

This mural depicts the way the courthouse looked back then, with some noticeable changes from today. Wings were added on both sides in 1931. The chimneys were removed and the roof, and shutters and dome on the tower are now white instead of red.

If you can see the gutter downspouts in the photo, that's about how wide the original part of the courthouse is. (It's actually the area where the bricks are a bit more pronounced, if you can see it.) When the additions are added, they couldn't find brick that matched the color of the original, so they added a layer of brick over the original layer.

The city of Dickson is much larger than Charlotte, and there's been attempts over the years to get the county seat moved to the bigger city, yet it has remained here all those years. (There is a Gov't Office building on Main St. in Dickson. There's also a

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