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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Nashville Skyline at Dusk 2014

Nashville Skyline at Dusk 2014 #4

Every time I decide to take a photo of the Nashville Skyline, there seems to be a subtle change. The most notable difference I see is that the old CVS/Caremark building is now the Baker Donaldson building. Also of note, with the new park on the east shore, the boat ramp I used to set up at is no longer available.

While I was taking this long exposure still photo, I had a second camera setup to take a time lapse video. See it here:

Technical details: This photo was taken on 2/1/2014 when sunset at 5:13 pm. This was at 6:32pm, 5sec., f/16, ISO1600. Also, there was a barge going by during this photo and you can see the barge and its headlight.

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