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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Kingsport, TN Clinchfield Passenger Depot

Kingsport, TN Clinchfield Passenger Depot

The Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio Passenger train station along with the adjacent freight depot were built in 1916. The building's design was a product of new York architect Clinton McKenzie. Access to the railroad instantly gave Kingsport the potential to become an industrial community. Even though passenger service stopped in 1954, the area remained busy thoroughfare. Today, the building is used as a bank.

Looking at Kingsport, I find it interesting how a planned community came to be, and what's changed over nearly 100 years. The city was laid out before construction of anything started. Main street connected this depot on one end and the 4 churches of Church Circle on the other end of the storefront lined street. The city hasn't aged well, but either end of the main street has retained it's significant architecture.

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