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Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Ghost Mural - Knoxville, TN

The Ghost Mural - Knoxville, TN

Located along the side of the McClung building is a mural easily visible from Interstate 40. There are two things painted along the side of this old warehouse near downtown, and we'll start with the less interesting part.

Philco. Your better buy. Color TV, VCR & Audio. When I hear the name Philco, I think about the 1930's radio owned by my grandfather and passed down through the family. I don't know what became of Philco over the years, but this wall ad for a nearby store that sells VCRs is estimated to date back to 1986-ish. Since it's been over 25 years, what's underneath is starting to show.

Something Groovy is underneath the ad and whatever it is, it's a shame you can't see it anymore. The artwork was commissioned by the World's Fair in 1982. Completed in 1981, it was apparently inspired by the artwork of Peter Max and painted by a UT Professor and student.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a vintage pre-philco view of the mural. However, For the full story, read this recent article from Metro Pulse Magazine:

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