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Monday, December 2, 2013

2011 Tennessee State Capitol Christmas with Sam Davis Statue

2011 Tennessee State Capitol Christmas with Sam Davis Statue

Sam Davis was nicknamed the Boy Hero of the Confederacy, who's story is well known. He lived in Smyrna, was captured in Minor Hill and executed in Pulaski. In his honor, the state built a statue which resides at the front corner of the Capitol Hill grounds. To see more photos of Sam Davis Landmarks, click here.

The Tennessee State Capitol sits upon Capitol Hill in downtown Nashville. It was designed in a Greek Revival style by prominent architect William Strickland and completed in 1859.

For Christmas, all of the lights along the base of the capitol have added a red tinting which colors most of the building. Only the lights for the cupola have not changed to red, however the lights inside the cupola window are green if you look closely. The Sam Davis statue is lit nightly, and like most metal statues has turned green over the years, which contrasts well with the red illumination of the Capitol.

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