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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rutledge Falls statue and a mystery.

Rutledge Falls statue

Don't most waterfalls have statues at them?

Rutledge Falls is a popular waterfall on private property near Tullahoma. As long as visitors respect the property and keep it free from trash and vandalism, it will remain open to the public. They provide a trail from a small parking area on the street where it's about 1,000 feet to get this view.

The statue was originally a decoration at the State Capitol where it was cast in 1859. There were three of these statues representing three different styles: Morning, Noon and Night. (This one is night as the lady is about to pull a cloak over her head.) After they were on display for several decades, the Capitol grounds went under some renovations in 1958 and these statues were relocated to storage at Ellington Agricultural Center.

Now for the Mystery part. It isn't so much about how this one statue got here but about whatever happened to the rest of them. Now, nobody knows where they are. The owner of the property here was TN State Senator Lyndon "Pop" Jennings and he came across one of them and asked permission for it to be "The Lady of the Falls" a couple of years after the Capitol renovations

The full story can be read here.

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