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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Georgia/Tennessee State Line

GA/TN State Line

There's a small town divided by the border between Georgia and Tennessee. Step on the left side and you're in McCaysville, GA in Fannin County. Move over to the right and you're in Copperhill, TN in Polk County. Through town, a blue line is painted on the street to point out the division.

Where the border meets main street is this nice sign labelling GA and TN. While the sign makes it look like the border is a river, it's not. However, the Toccoa or Ocoee river passes through town, and changes names at the state line. The sign here is also relatively new. Based on other pictures I've seen, it's newer than 2008 as older pictures have a simple GA and TN divided by a dotted line.

<-- GA. || TN. -->

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