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Monday, June 25, 2012

In the news: Stumpy the Aligator

Gator Lake - Panama City Beach, Fl

Normally, for the blog I stick to places in Middle Tennesse, or at most a half day's drive from Nashville. I'm making an exception today for something I saw a couple of months ago while on a trip to the Florida Panhandle, for a place that made the news a few days ago.

Gator Lake is a small lake inside St. Andrews State Park at Panama City Beach, Fl. About a half dozen gators live there year round, and more show up in the spring when the water gets nice. This is the first time I'd seen an aligator "in the wild" and not in a zoo. I use the term "in the wild" loosely as these wild animals see humans all the time. At the time of this picture, there was nothing between me and this gator except a wooden fence that the gator could probably crawl under.

I upload this photo today in honor of Stumpy. last week, some horrible person killed Stumpy. Stumpy, as he was affectionately known by the park rangers, was a three legged gator who liked to lay out on the pedestrian boardwalk. (I don't know if this is stumpy or not as his other front foot was the one that was missing and my photos are inconclusive.) For the full sad story, look here:

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