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Monday, June 11, 2012

Burial Site of Davy Crockett's first wife

Burial Site of Davy Crockett's first wife

At the Age of 18, Polly Finlay married Davy Crockett in Jefferson, TN. 5 years later in 1811, the family moved to Franklin County, TN on some land overlooking Beans Creek. Polly was the mother of 3 of Davy's children, raising them at their house on this land at a time when Davy was off volunteering for Andrew Jackson's army. On this day, June 11, 1815, Mrs. Crockett died and was buried at a small cemetery on the property. Eventually Davy married again and the second wife Elizabeth lived many years after Davy's death at the Alamo.

Most of Davy Crockett's storied achievements that helped bring him fame happened after Polly's death. When the second wife died, her gravesite was adorned as the wife of a famous hero, complete with a marble headstone and a statue. By comparison, Polly was buried in a location that time almost forgot. Eventually, (in the early 80s I think) the Tennessee Historical Commission erected the larger marker seen here as well as a roadside historical marker where US64 passes a couple of miles away. It's my understanding that this is still on private property, but the owners are nice enough to allow those that are aware of it to visit. At the same time, Franklin County's tourism people are trying to make this place more well known and hope to turn it into a small park.

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