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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Well Preserved Mail Pourch Tobacco Ad - Jonesborough, TN

Well Preserved Mail Pourch Tobacco Ad - Jonesborough, TN

A.B. Cummings, Groceries, coal, Hay 8c.
Trademark West Virginia Mail Pouch Tobacco for Chewing and Smoking.
Bloch Bros. W-VA.

This ad is painted on the side of an 1889 building that was at one time a saloon, but today is a gift shop known as the Mail Pouch Building.

Mail Pouch is much better known for their painted barns, but they have a few wall ads also. It's rare to see one as well preserved as this one.

It was originally painted in 1902. Not too long after that, an adjacent building was built next door and the paint was kept from the elements for a few decades. In the 60's, that building was torn down and this sign was rediscovered. Compare it to this one in Cookeville which may be just as old.

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