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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Lover's Leap Sign

If you're at Rock City, this is perhaps the most famous spot. It's the observation deck where they claim you can see seven states. However, this is on the outside of the observation deck! When you walk the enchanted trail, you can get this view (zoomed in, of course) on the lead up to the famous spot.

Looking up to Lovers Leap

When the Carter family first invited people onto their property to see the amazing view, people just walked up to the edge (if they wanted to, that is). I suppose not too long after it opened commercially, they added the stone and mortar guardrail along with a paved walkway. (Imagine where the lady is standing without it!) Decades after that, the metal rail was added. (my guess is that doesn't actually make you safer, but people probably feel safer with it.

Rock City Lover's Leap

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