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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Howard H. Baker Jr. Federal Courthouse and Plaza Tower - Knoxville

Howard H. Baker Jr. Federal Courthouse

This building started out planned to be the corporate headquarters for Whittle Communications in downtown Knoxville. This company was best known for 40 magazines and Channel One for schools. The two block wide building was worked on for four years and about $55 million, when the company fell apart.

Soon after the building became vacant, the federal government began looking for a location for a new federal courthouse. Acquiring this building was convenient for their needs. They were able to acquire the almost completed building for $22 million. Plus, it was conveniently located to the historic Knox County Courthouse across the street and the newer city-county building. All they had to do was retrofit some courtrooms into the building and by 1998, the Baker Courthouse was ready.

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