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Monday, February 27, 2012

35 Miles to Rock City & Sequoyah Caverns Barn

35 Miles to Rock City

This "Barn" is in a car junkyard on Highway US 11 in Dekalb County, Alabama. US11 is the old highway that runs from Birmingham to Chattanooga. This barn is located on a map here.  The barn is also painted on the other side.  Here's how it looks:

Sequoyah Caverns Barn

Clark Byers is the man who painted all the Rock City Barns back in their heydey. After he retired from Rock City, his next venture was to turn Sequoyah Caverns into a tourist stop. Naturally, there were barns advertising the Caverns, too.

Clark Byers lived in this area, and the stretch of US11 through DeKalb County, AL already had several barns he'd painted. The roof is painted with "Sequoyah Caverns." Then, the next part of the roof looks like it was a later addition. (I don't think there's any message on the lower part of the roof.) The added overhang might obscure more of the message, but still visible is the lowest part "World's 9th Wonder." Presumably, Rock City is the World's 8th Wonder.

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