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Monday, July 25, 2011

New Gallery: Historical Markers of Coffee, Franklin, Grundy & Marion

I Have now uploaded the 6th collection of Historical Markers. Nashville, and the counties of Montgomery, Rutherford and Williamson each had enough historical markers to make their own gallery. New galleries are going to have a grouping of nearby counties, like the last grouping of Giles, Lawrence and Maury.

The new Extended Gallery online today is for the counties of Coffee, Franklin, Grundy and Marion. If Historic Markers interest you, check it out! Whenever possible, I also include the location of the marker, in case that's something you'd find useful.

Occasionally, I'll find more markers in places I've already been. I'll upload the galleries when I have new content. For instance, this past week, I added about 10 markers near Pulaski in the Giles County folder. To see all the Historic Marker galleries, look here!

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