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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nashville Post Card / Southwest Airlines mural

Nashville Post Card / Southwest Airlines mural

Sadly, I believe this mural is gone, considering how close it was to the new convention center in downtown Nashville.

Here's what is painted in each of the letters:
N = the Old Country Music Hall of Fame - now gone.
AS = Parthenon
H = Bellsouth batbuilding
V = Andrew Jackson Statue - At that angle, you'd have the capitol in the background.
ILLE = General Jackson showboat, I guess.
The thumbtacks are painted on, and the one in the bottom left corner has a painted shadow.

The mural was painted in May of 1997 by Michael Cooper of Murals and More. If you see a really need mural in Middle Tennessee, odds are he painted it. It was commissioned by Southwest Airlines to appear in a TV Commercial. Here's a comment I got about the mural:

"I worked on this commercial. It was painted in March of 97 for the SWA commercial with BR5-49; a local band who played Robert's and helped revitalize downtown. We also filmed out at the old Opryland Theme Park on the roller coaster and at Spence Manor in Webb Pierce's guitar shaped pool. A very fun project."

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