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Friday, July 1, 2011

Geographic Center of Tennessee

Monument to something

As of the time this photo was taken, there was no explanation about what we're looking at here. It really is the marker for the geographic center of Tennessee, which is conveniently located just off a major highway. The area now is a fully developed resedential area and this tiny park has no sign, enough parking for about 3 cars, one park bench and an old Iron fence around the small property. This is located in Murfreesboro on old TN96, Old Lascassas Pike and not very far from MTSU.

After I originally posted this photo, I got this note from someone with the screen name Wimpy:

So, from what I gather in my 30+ years here in the boro is that if you ever want to leave murfreesboro and never come back (due to the Murfreesboro Curse that says that if you buy anything from Davis Market youll never leave murfreesboro) you have to do one of these two things: pee on this monument or stand on your head and kiss it. Sounds like some locals are really just setting alot of people up for a really bad joke. -Wimpy

Then, I got another note from Howard33:

Good news! The plack on the monument has been replaced. I sent an email to the Daily News Journal and they got right on it. Of course there is no way of knowing for sure if my email had anything to do with it, but I choose to believe it did. Anyway there is a picture of the repaired monument in my photostream.
I bought stuff at Davis Market as early as 1953, and I have been gone from there for 50 years. OK, I admit that I go back to Murfreesboro for visits. I graduated from MTSU* in 1958.
*In those days it was MTSC, but who cares?

So, my advice, if you want to see it, do it sooner, rather than later, before someone pries the marker off of it again!

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