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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Opryland Ballroom Mural: Jubilee Hall

Opryland Ballroom Mural 1: Jubilee Hall

In Opryland Hotel's original ballroom area, the walls are painted to depict scenes from Nashville around the time of Tennessee's Centennial, in the late 1800's. To view the entire set of 8, Click Here. I can only assume these are still in place since the May 2010 Flood, as I haven't been back to Opryland since then.

Jubilee Hall, dedicated in January 1876, is one of the oldest structures continuously in use for educational purposes by the African American community. Today, the six-story building serves as a residence for first-year female students. Over the years, as many as three generations of women in the same family--grandmother, mother, and daughter--have at different times occupied the same dormitory suite, making Jubilee Hall one of the most cherished buildings on the campus. Jubilee Hall has received recognition from the State of Tennessee in the form of a historical marker denoting the structure's significance. In 1976 the National Park Service designated Jubilee Hall as a National Historic Landmark.

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