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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Old Sears Ad Mural - Downtown Nashville

Old Sears Ad Mural - Downtown Nashville

Here's one I'd never noticed before, when Sears was known as the Farm and Tire Store. I wonder how far that goes back?

It's located on the side of what became Walter Nipper's Sporting Goods Store.

Flickr user RickTNRebel left this insightful comment:

Before "Urban Sprawl and the Shopping Malls" Sears Department Store was located at the southeast corner of Church St and 8th Ave North (the building is still standing) downtown adjacent to the Paramount theatre (sadly, gone). Remember that agriculture was, for a couple of centuries, The primary source of revenue in and around Nashville. Sears, like Montgomery Wards and others, sold farm supplies and equipment.

Just south on 8th, right behind the main store, was the farm and auto supply store (really departments of the same store, just located in an adjacent bldg). This seperate building kept all of the "Work Dressed" farmers and "Grease Coated" mechanics out of the main part of the department store and off of the main, upscale (next to fancy theatre, remember) shopping street! The "Ghost Sign" you photographed is located across 8th Ave North from where the farm and auto store once was and this sign once had an arrow that pointed across the street. Sears moved to their new brick bldg on Lafayette (Now the Nashville Rescue Mission) in the late 60's. I suspect this sign was repainted in the 60s just prior to Sears moving, hence it has survived (sans arrow).

Sears has always had an automotive department that sold Sears' own brand of tires and the "Farm Supply Store" still exists as the "Garden Center". These two departments are still somewhat separated from the rest of the store in most locations.

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