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Monday, May 16, 2011

New Gallery - Cheekwood: Trains! Tennessee in G

Cheekwood: Trains! 1 State Capitol and Southern

Trains! Tennessee in G is an exhbit at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, TN running now through Dec. 2011.

The Trains! exhibit is a unique blending of model trains and some of Tennessee's most iconic locations. The Garden Train exhibit was designed by Paul Busse of Applied Imagination of Alexandria, KY.

Each of the buildings was designed using nature itself, such as sticks, twigs, tree bark, etc... The landscaping consists of over 2,500 tiny trees, shrubs and plants of over 250 varieties. There were seven different model trains running, a Southern Crescent passenger train, a Southern coal train, Chessie freight, Tweetsie Railroad, V&T RR, Thomas the Tank Engine and the Ladybug!

Cheekwood: Trains! 2 Chester Inn and Chessie

Cheekwood: Trains! 3 Cheekwood Mansion and Ladybug Cheekwood: Trains! 4 York Mill and V&T RR

The rest of the set is available as an Extended Gallery.
See it here!

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