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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The last Sassafras Mill Boiler in the U.S.

The last Sassafras Mill Boiler in the U.S.

This is located along highway TN18 in the small Hardeman County, TN town of Hickory Valley. According to the marker:

Sassafras Mill
1920 - 1974
This is the boiler portion of the sassafras mill that operated in Hickory Valley. It took native sassafras roots and processed them into an aromatic oil used in medicine, perfume, and flavoring. A man with a mule regularly dug a ton of roots a day and was paid $14.00. One owner promoted the mill by paying his workers with bills dipped in the oil. In its final years of operation, the Hickory Valley sassafras mill was the only one in the United States.

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