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Friday, December 30, 2016

Rock City Barn at Legacy Farms

Rock City Barn at Legacy Farms

First of all, I would like to thank my best friend Will C. for letting me upload his photo. While I am eager to visit this place and take a photo like this, it might be a while before I ever get the opportunity to visit this venue.

Legacy Farms is often used as a wedding venue south of Lebanon, TN along highway US231. I am not sure if it is the featured attraction out here, but this barn with a Rock City advertisement makes for quite an interesting photographic spot at their farm. Looking over their website, many professional photos are taken with this as the backdrop.

Rock City is well known for their advertising program of hand-painted barns, but they had plenty of hand painted billboards over the years, such as the one seen here which has now been affixed to this barn at Legacy Farms. As is frequently the case with hand-painted billboards, the message changed at some point over the years and as the newer message begins to fade, some of the older words are showing through.

See Rock City topped by a curved rainbow was commonly used as their logo in the 1980's, often on a pastel background like powder blue of yellow. Rock City's billboard program dates back to 1946, but Alvin the mascot, who is part of the older advertisement, wasn't created until the 50's. The older message includes "Fun in your future at..." Along the bottom, it says "Kids love Mother Goose Village" which is the large room at the end of Fairyland Caverns and was finished in 1964.

Rock City Barn at Legacy Farms

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