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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Eldorado Motel - Nashville, TN

Eldorado Motel - Nashville, TN

The historic Eldorado Motel sign is perhaps Nashville's least known neon treasure. I was unaware of this gem until reading Historic Nashville Inc.'s Civil Rights Walking Tour Brochure where it is stop #27.

This is located at 2806 Ed Temple Blvd. (Down the road from the Ted Rhodes Golf Course.) The actual motel was torn down ca. 2011 and only the sign remains. Go see it while you can - I had to park at the golf course and walk. It's also off the road a bit, so it's easy to miss.

Dr. Martin Luther King and Harry Belafonte spent the night here in Sept. 1961. King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference had arranged for Belafonte to perform at the Ryman Auditorium and they spent the night here.

Even if there was no associated history, it's also a fantastic neon sign. It's a little worn down but most of the neon tubes are intact. There's a couple of flags up top. The neon word Pool is on a pool shaped part of the sign. Likewise, the neon T.V. is on an old black & white television set.

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