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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hiwassee Island - Meigs County, TN

Hiwassee Island - Meigs County, TN

Hiwassee Island was the second largest in the Tennessee River until the 1940s when the TVA flooded part of the 781 acre island with the formation of the Chickamauga Dam Lake. The island is located in Meigs County at the confluence where the Hiwassee River meets the Tennessee River.

The island has been nominated for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Archaeological artifacts dug from the island dates back to historic and prehistoric tribal peoples that lived on the island dating back to the late Woodland Hamilton phase (ca. A.D. 600-900), early Mississippian Hiwassee (ca. 1000-1300) and late Mississippian (ca 1000-1500).

The Cherokees which were the last tribe on the island left in 1818. The island is also called Jolly's Island named for Chief John Jolly. As a young boy Sam Houston lived on the island with the Cherokees. Chief Jolly adopted Sam and gave him an Indian name "The Raven." Possibly, this early influence guided his ambitions to settle the state of Texas. Will Rogers was another person of note that descended from the Rogers Family that lived on the island.

Today, the island is the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge, serving as the home for many species including eagle and osprey. It is the staging ground for thousands of migrating Sandhill Cranes from November to February. This photo is taken from an observation deck atop a river bluff at the Cherokee Removal Memorial Park. It is a popular observation spot for birdwatchers, especially when the cranes come through.

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