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Saturday, November 7, 2015

In the News: Ten in Tenn: Niota, TN Train Depot

A few days ago, the Tennessee Preservation Trust released their 2015 list of endangered historical sites in the state. This week on the blog, we are talking about some of the properties on this list. Here is how TPT describes the list:
"The Tennessee Preservation Trust’s Ten in Tennessee Endangered Properties List Program is TPT’s strongest advocacy tool for the state’s most endangered historic sites. Each year, TPT seeks nominations for the “Ten in Tenn” from the public from each of Tennessee’s nine Development Districts."

You can also see past entries on their website here:

Niota, TN Train Depot

The Niota Depot is the oldest surviving train depot in Tennessee. It was constructed in 1854 as part of the East Tennessee & Georgia Railroad. At the time, Niota was known as Mouse Creek. Today, the depot serves as the Niota city hall. The Depot still has the original gun ports used by both the Union and Confederate Armies during the Civil War.

Niota is located in McMinn County, just north of Athens.

Back when the town was named Mouse Creek, there was another city on the other side of Knoxville known as Mossy Creek. With the similar town names, it wasn't uncommon for mail to get delivered to the wrong town. In 1897, there was a prominent wedding in town where the families had ordered a lot of ice cream for the guests, but was delivered to the wrong town. This was the last straw and both towns changed their name. Niota was the name of an Indian chief. (Mossy Creek became Jefferson City.)

From TPT:

The building was listed on the Tennessee Preservation Trust’s 2009 “Ten in Tenn” list, after which it received the attention and repairs to consider the property saved. Then in July of 2015, a collapse of one of the chimneys caused a partial ceiling collapse and the building was subsequently condemned. Home to Niota City Hall, the City of Niota currently does not have the necessary funds to repair the damage. If the building is not reoccupied by the city, it will be forfeited back to the railroad and likely torn down.

For more, see this Chattanooga Times Free Press article.

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