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Friday, October 4, 2013

Siamang, hanging out - Nashville Zoo

Siamang, hanging out

This Siamang is seen out at the Nashville Zoo. A siamang is a type of Gibbon, and there are a couple of them at Gibbon Island.

Often times, they'll sit at the tops of the trees where you can't see them and not do anything particularly interesting for what feels like hours. Sometimes, they'll make loud howling sounds seemingly nonstop. While the howling is fun, they are the most entertaining when they swing from branch to branch with the greatest of ease. There are other times when they look like they're about to fall 20 feet crashing to the ground, and then you realize they got this, as they find the right branch to swing around. And then on the rarest of occasions, there are times when they take a small break from their midair dance and they'll pose for me.

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