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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rock City's Old Fashioned Brochure dispenser

Rock City Brochure dispenser

The brochures are held in a form-fitting bin on the left. At the bottom, it says Free BROCHURES and MAPS TAKE ONE

The rest is shaped like a Rock City barn. At the top is a familiar saying: SEE ROCK CITY ATOP LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN

Below that are 4 windows. The contents of the windows are controlled by a dial on the right side. In the first window are an alphabetical list of many cities around the continent, most of which are in the Southeast U.S. Highlighted here is "Nashville, Tenn" Located above Nashville in this view are Milwaukee, Wisc., Mobile, Ala., Montgomery, Ala., Montreal, Que., and Murfreesboro, Tenn. After Nashville in the list are New Orleans, La., New York, N.Y., Norfolk, Va., Oak Ridge, Tenn., and Ocala, Fla.

In the second window is the mileage from the highlighted city in the first window to Rock City. Nashville is 171 Miles. Murfreesboro is 140. The third window is a cartoon drawing of Rocky the Rock City elf mascot, with the label Rocky invites you... In the final window, is a shrunken post card view of one of the sights at Rock City. This view is of the "Entrance to Rock City" and the label finishes the sentence to see this colorful preview of Beautiful ROCK CITY.

At the bottom is the overall description:
Compliments of Beautiful ROCK CITY

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