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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Frisch's Big Boy Statue

Frisch's Big Boy Statue

Depending on where you live in the country, you either see a Big Boy all the time (which will make what I say sound ridiculous), or you never see one. As a Tennessean, I'm in the latter category.

I thought about using this space to tell the Big Boy Franchisee story, but I decided it's way too convoluted. Instead, if you're really interested see the Wikipedia article.

Unlike McDonalds where every McDonalds is a McDonalds. There were different Big Boys depending on where you lived in the country. In Tennessee, there was Shoney's Big Boy up until I was 7. Then, the Big Boy statue was taken away, and the restaurant became just Shoney's. That was about three decades ago.

Each Big Boy locale has a Big Boy statue out front. Also, each Big Boy statue is holding a Big Boy hamburger, which is the flagship menu item. (As a point of reference the McDonald's Big Mac was created as direct competition.)

On the weekend I traveled to Lexington, KY, I made it a point to stop at a Big Boy since I hadn't eaten at one in nearly three decades. From the To Go menu, I wanted to order one of everything to make up for lost time. Since that was impractical, instead I went for the Big Boy burger and the Swiss Miss. (In retrospect, perhaps I should have gotten the Brawny Lad just because.)

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