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Sunday, September 22, 2013

King's Chapel (Rebuilt)

King's Chapel (Rebuilt)

As early as 1804 Peter Cartwright, William McKendree and Jacob Young were preaching the Methodist Doctrine in southeastern Williamson County. IN 1815 Kings' Chapel was constructed as an outgrowth of their campground meetings. In 1849, the congregation moved to a larger building just north of Triune, where the original cornerstone of Kings' Chapel is prominently displayed above the front door. The Union Army occupied the abandoned church during the Civil War, which became a dairy barn in the 20th century. The families of John & Elaine Powell and William & Patricia Anton finished the reconstruction of Kings' Chapel on its original site using the same foundation stones and many of the original bricks in 2008.

This reconstructed Chapel is located just off of highway TN96 at the entrance of a subdivision between Triune and Arrington.

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